b. 1986, HK.


Hello there!

I am a graphic designer who was born and raised in Tokyo and am currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I am a positive, nice, and drama-free human being who can find the most joy in good cup of coffee, well crafted cocktail, wholesome food and furry friends. I also love podcasts and am always open to find out what people are listening to these days.



art direction
branding & identity
front-end design
motion Graphic
collages & image making

+ more


Mio Yoshigiwa is a conceptual graphic designer who explores design that will communicate on an emotional level. Her versatile skills show the dedication to her constant will to learn and grow. As a bi-culture designer who loves to learn people's thought process, she is always out somewhere being exposed to different cultures, arts, music and people. 

Resume available upon request.

I am available for hire & personal collaborations. Let's chat.